Qype API Documentation

This guide is intended for developers who would like to integrate Qype data into their applications. It is assumed that you know the basic concepts of HTTP, XML or JSON and RESTful web services.

API Overview

The Qype API provides access to the core functionality of Qype. To use the API you need to have a verified Qype account and register your application. You can register multiple applications and for each of them you will receive a API consumer key for accessing the API resources.

The Qype API enables you to integrate and use Qype data in your application. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Search for places in a location ('Sushi' in 'Hamburg', 'London Eye' in 'London')
  • Get detailled information about a place: address, category, opening hours, photos
  • Get all the reviews for a specific place (in all of the languages we support)
  • Find nearby places for a specific point, defined by latitude and longitude
  • Find all places in a certain area, defined by two points that span a rectangular box
  • Write reviews, upload photos and create places.

Table of Contents

This API documentation contains the following sections

Getting Help

A great place for asking questions about the API is the Qype API Google group. Feel free to join and ask questions, suggest improvements, and collaborate on projects. Is there something you want from the Qype API that you can't seem to find? Try posting to the Google group with the information you'd like from the API. More API endpoints will be added to the API depending on input from developers like you.